In the Bay Area? Dr. Kirschner speaks at BACN this Friday

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on September 21, 2011

I’ll be delivering a presentation for the Bay Area Consultants Network in San Rafael California this Friday, September 23rd.   I’m excited about it for a few reasons.  First, I’ve known my contact there for many years, she hired me as a return speaker for a few years in a row when she was with Supercuts.  Second, this will be the last program I do as a 61 year old!  (*Birthday coming up next week!)    And lastly, I’m eager to experience being in a room full of consultants!  Many of my friends keep asking me questions about it, like  ‘What is a consultant, anyway?  Do they have a secret handshake?”    By Saturday, I ought to know more!

The talk lasts about an hour, and there will be Q&A.  I’m calling it ‘How To Click With Clients.’  They’re calling it ‘Dissolve Resistance and Increase Your Influence with Clients.’  But whatever you call it, the subject is how to connect, relate and communicate successfully with clients, even when you perceive them as ‘resistant’, and I’ve got some great information prepared and ready to go.  All that’s missing is YOU!

Here’s what BACN is saying about the program:

Have you ever hit the wall with a client? Many of us have found ourselves surprised and confused when a client doesn’t take our advice. You may have found yourself asking, “Why would a client pay good money for my services and then reject my guidance?” or “Where do I go from here?” or “Where did I go wrong?”

What are the causes of resistance in client engagements? How do you identify resistance? How can you avoid triggering resistance in the first place?

Dr. Rick Kirschner, star speaker and top-selling author, joins us from Ashland, Oregon, for the September 23 BACN meeting to answer these questions. He’s made a study of human behavior and change throughout his professional career, developed an original model of motivation and a positive approach to persuasion that will help you hone in on your client’s perspective and have the impact you’re striving for.

  • Identify and understand what motivates your client.
  • Take your client through progressive steps toward change.
  • Increase your influence in your client engagements through the “Seven Signals of Persuasion”.

And here’s what I’m saying about it.  If you live anywhere near the Bay Area, and you’d like to attend, go to the BACN web site and find out location and other logistical information.  I hope to see you there!

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