Dr. K Is Signing Books At Bloomsbury This Evening, PLUS email feedback and cute video

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on October 10, 2011

Announcement:  I’m doing a book signing at Bloomsbury Books in my town of Ashland, Oregon this evening.  If you’re anywhere nearby, I hope you’ll join us.

Share:  I received the following email from one of my students in the most recent Healthy Communication Workshop at SCNM.  I found it such a pleasure to read (and the video so cute to watch!) that I’m sharing it here (with my student’s permission, of course!)

Hi Dr. Kirschner,

First I’d like to thank you for a great couple of days. Your class was fun, insightful, and really made me think. I do believe I gained a lot of useful material from the two days, and will definitely make an effort to use it going forward.

Today while we were talking about affirmation and repeating “I can do this”, it made me think of a youtube video my cousin shared with me. It spread around quickly so you may have seen it, but if not enjoy!! I think it could be something you can incorporate in your presentation, as this little girl is a great example of talking to herself in a positive, motivating manner.

Here’s the link:

Again, it was great to meet you and listen to you. Thanks for sharing your time and your stories.

All the best,
Lauren Cottom


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