Dr. K turns 62! What what? Yep! Time marches on!

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on September 26, 2011

I’m at SCNM teaching my newly reformulated Healthy Communication Workshop to naturopathic students later this week (more about that on Friday).  I’ll be talking with the mayors and city councilors from the entire state of Oregon the week after that.   But you know what has me most excited?   Tomorrow, I’m celebrating my 62nd birthday.  The days seem to be flying by at a much faster rate than ever, and I’m increasingly aware of our temporary stay in this world.  In the words of Ferris Beuhler,

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

In a year where so much has gone so wrong in the world and in the country, for me it’s been another year of ‘so far so good.’  I’ve had more opportunities this year than I can count.  Got the new book out.  My wonderful daughter found and married Paul, a great guy.  My father, 90 and counting, is still smiling and joking and doing video chats with me several times a week.  I continue to get invitations to speak, to educate, to train others in communication and positive change.

My mind is still quick enough, though it was once much quicker.  My reflexes, the same.  I’m still fit, I still feel good in my skin, I’m still not too thin, not too fat, just about right.  I eat well, sleep well, and my attitude towards life continues to expand in order to make room for new ideas, new views, and new possibilities.
From what I remember of myself as a child, I have come a long way indeed. Once moody, now generally and remarkably happy; once at the mercy of the opinions of others, now I say what I think and do what I want, and have little concern as to the opinion of others just as long as I have my own respect.

Once shy, now comfortable talking with almost anyone, and I love talking to hundreds and thousands at a time even more!  Once mentally turbulent, now I have a quiet mind. Once impulsive and overly reactive, now I am more measured and prudent in my response to conflict, challenge and change.   I’ve really calmed down, straightened up and learned how to fly right.  If my mother were alive, she’d be proud that I keep going in a positive direction with my life.

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been able to gather up friends from every stage of my life, and my career as well.  I find such joy in tracking what goes on with the people I’ve known, what they’re doing, where they’ve been, what they’ve lost and won, and what life events they are celebrating.  Later this week, I’ll have 100 new students, and many of them will become friends as well.    As miserable as this Earth can be, as challenging as the times we live in certainly are, I have learned to count my blessings with greater care and appreciation than ever before.

I’m grateful that you’re reading this, that you find my thoughts interesting.  I’m grateful that I’m able to express myself. I intend to celebrate my birthday today, and for the next couple of weeks (until I get off the road, and home again, where my friends can join me for the annual scotch and cigar walk!)

Care to celebrate with me?  Post comments here or on my Facebook.  I hope you have a very happy my-birthday with me.

Be well,



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