Get A Headstart on 2013: Turn Your New Years Ideas Into A Prioritized List

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on December 31, 2012

Make A ListA VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to my blog visitors, students, clients and book readers!

Yes, it’s a new year,  brimming over with new opportunities and new uncertainties, (and with a few leftover opportunities and uncertainties from last year still hanging around….although I guess we can now safely put the Mayan Apocalypse behind us!)

Want to start the new year off right?  Here’s a big idea that can make a real difference.  Turn all those ‘new year’ ideas that glimmer and gleam in the dark recesses of the back of your mind into a prioritized list right before your eager eyes.

According to the five stages of change model that I teach in my persuasive communication programs,  a good plan precedes taking a good action.  And the best plans usually do a great job of identifying ‘the next obvious thing’ rather than focusing on distant events that likely will be changed by circumstance before you get to them.

And so many people enter the new year with great ideas, and then wind up feeling overwhelmed by them and doing nothing, or taking weeks to act on their ideas because it’s hard to just pick one and go forward a bit.

You can simplify this for yourself, and increase your odds of taking steps forward, by evaluating your New Years ideas using a simple A B and C system.

A = Great Idea, I will Act or Implement Immediately.  What is the next step?

B = Good Idea will Act or Implement Later.  When?  What is the next step?

C = Good Idea not scheduled for action at this time.  No action required.  Revisit when?

Go through your list of ideas and identify those on which you CAN take immediate action.  Assign them an A or B priority, and then put all the rest to the side.  Those calling for action should get the first place in line, by defining that specific action you’re going to take and where and when you’re going to take it.   Then attach dates to revisit to B and C.

If you start moving forward today on your good ideas and keep finding next steps, no matter how small, and taking them, this time next year (a whole new year!) you will have made dramatic progress on things in your life that mean something to you.  Which means a more fulfilling year, with more achievement and success than the last, and setting you up for an even better year to come.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.  Happy 2013!  Let’s raise our game and make this world a better place, even if it means occasionally helping move things forward with people in spite of themselves!

Be well,


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