Why Develop A Persuasive Brand? (part 1 of a series)

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on October 29, 2012

A few weeks back, I gave a keynote presentation on ‘Growing Your Practice, Growing The Profession’ to my colleagues and members of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association <> at their conference in San Diego.  Most of my speech had to do with the four clicks of connection:  attitude, relationship, influence and group.  The final part, which I only had a few minutes to discuss, was on branding.  In my next several posts, I’ll tell you and the world what I had only begun to tell that audience.  I hope it is helpful to you in building your own brand, because a great brand is one of the best things you can do for your business.

I first began exploring the idea of branding my business back in 2003, and settled on my brand name, The Art of Change Skills For Life ™ in 2004.   The beauty of what I came to is that it perfectly described my work from before having established my new brand.

Until 2004, my brand was my name, Dr. Rick Kirschner.   What brought me to the realization that I needed something more was when a colleague asked me a simple yet profound question:  Do you want your business to go on after you pass on?   My answer was, decidedly, YES!  I’ve spent the better part of 32 years developing practical materials and presentations filled with original models on positive change, communication, persuasion and conflict resolution.  It would be a darned shame to let it all pass away when I do.

When I was asked the question, it got me thinking about bringing my daughter into my business, and then training a few others to present my material. (I still think about this.  Next year, I will actively begin the search for people capable of delivering my material to groups)   The thought of building my business to outlive me is what really got me excited!  Suddenly, my work, through my brand, would become my legacy.   By building my business under a broader brand name, I could increase the chances of finding interested parties to carry on my work, or even having a business to sell when I am done working it myself.    Already, I’ve made contact with a couple of interested parties.  In another year or so, my interest will be directed at developing these people so they can take my place.  AWESOME!

Clearly, I found my motivation.  But  how did I come up with my brand name?   The answer is found in understanding what a brand actually is and does.  More on this in my next post.

Your comments and feedback are not only welcome, but inspire me to keep blogging!  So please do tell me what you think about, or think of while reading, my post.

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