Dr. K’s blog gratefully salutes our service men and women in the military

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on November 11, 2012

1943 Alan KirschnerMy favorite veteran was my father, who proudly served in the 2nd World War, and my grandfather, who served in the 1st World War, being made a citizen while on a ship on his way to the battle front.   They are gone, but not forgotten.

In today’s brief blog post, I wish to express my deep gratitude for the sacrifices made by the brave women and men in the United States Armed Forces, those in active duty, those who are retired, and their families too.

Through their service and sacrifice, our liberties are assured.  If you see a vet today or any day, let them know you appreciate them.  They may be embarrassed by the attention.  Do it anyway.

Back with a regular post tomorrow.
Be well,


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