Putting Sick Care Propaganda Into Perspective

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on January 16, 2015

StethoscopeI occasionally write about, speak about, and post about the shortcomings of the conventional sick care system, and the benefits of natural medicine.  And because I’m a strong advocate for something you probably hear very little about, you may have formed  the wrong impression of me. I don’t think poorly of all conventional medicine, really I don’t. I think there’s a time and a place, just not all the time and every place. I have friends and associates who are competent MDs and DOs and have very high integrity, and while they use drugs and surgery in their practices, they seek to save lives and help people to the best of their ability. I grew up with excellent pediatric care from well intended conventional doctors, too. My uncle Jack in Cincinnati had an excellent reputation as a physician when I was growing up and my family relied on his expertise for many years.  

But as an insider to natural medicine (I’m a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Oregon), and as one who has studied some of the history of medicine, I can’t undo what I know about the more sinister forces driving the industry whose ambitions have to do with power and profit rather than human health. Nor can I overlook decades of unjustified attacks, backed by a complicit media, on the practice of natural medicine.   And I think its important to put the dominant system and its claims to ‘science’ into perspective, because our whole society has been propagandized about its seeming infallibility for so long that good and smart people still say things like ‘chemo is needed in most cases’ or ‘I have to take these meds,’ when such may not be the case. And because I am values driven, I have an interest in exposing relentlessly promoted deception and lies regarding chemical interventions in human health.  I have the same interest regarding agriculture and the food supply, because how we grow food and what we eat has real world consequences on human health.  

My desired outcome in healthcare is to see a truly integrated system that focuses on best practices and what actually works, and gives people access to all their choices and options instead of only the profitable ones or the ones driven by marketing and hype. I don’t much care what that system is called, but I do know that the paradigm shift has to be away from illness as the centerpiece (sick care) and towards health as the center piece of a smart healthcare system.  

I’m certain that there is a lot that goes on in the conventional system that is downright criminal. (See this link: And yes, I would love to see the criminals serve time, but here in America we have different standards of  justice for different populations based on a number of variables that have nothing to do with crimes committed (otherwise, most of Congress would be in jail!)   So I’m not holding my breath for a fair justice system any more than I’m holding my breath until we have a healthcare system. Just doing my part to see something, say something. Somehow, I have a deeply embedded idea in my psyche, that all that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to say and do nothing about it (I think my parents installed this program in me!)

I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts on the topics that I post about.   Please do leave a comment below!
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