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by Dr. Rick Kirschner on May 15, 2009

Saying Thank You!
Have you ever counted how many times a day you say “Thank you” to other people? … these are what we can do. But it gets harder to say to your bossy boss, or to difficult people, isn’t it?Will Bowen
Periodically,  America refocuses on its small businesses … .   There are certain advantages right now to being a small business.   when the economy is difficult, people
Finding Inner
Most days I love my job, my ministry.  Lately I have felt like the luckiest person in the world that I have found… well, truth be told, lead to my vocation in ministry.  It is dynamic, multi-generational, creative, challenging and fulfilling.  But there are days (note heavy sign and facial grimace)
General James Jones, Obama’s national security advisor, seems to think so.   But will this approach work for your career?  In an interview with the New York Times , Jones presents his case, arguing that low profile does not necessarily mean low impact
Ups and
Just a small update on how things are going. They’re going … or difficult people, but I am managing both. Mostly the depression is still manifesting in a lack
Summers bring a variety of therapeutic drinks on Amritsar roads –
Amritsar, May 10 (ANI): Even though summers make life difficult people in Punjab want to move out. Click Here To Read the Full Post
Dealing with difficult people could become quite a challenge. Sometimes, they can take the form of a boss, co-worker, or even a friend or relative … for dealing with difficult people. Letting difficult people get to you automatically puts … for Dealing with Difficult People # 1: Put Yourself In Their Shoes. Difficult people weren’t born
Today, 11 May Monday, I would be going to ubi office for readings. FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: It’s another Monday and time to go to work.  FENG SHUI: Qi would stop at the boundary of water. Hence anywhere there is water in Singapore or in our homes or offices, qi will stop there. However if water is in […]
WT: Letter to
Dear Jenny, {RE: KDTS Missionary Experience for Koreans in Hawaii} Blessings on the journey there! I [have already] … everyone, payoff school loans and a lot of the work wasn’t bad…just difficult people and situations
My Year of Hopefulness –
“The art of awareness is the art of learning how to wake up to the eternal miracle of life with its limitless possibilities … circumstances is difficult. People insulate themselves from pain by building their own little world to live
Difficult people are on the hunt for a quarrel. It’s not personal, usually. It’s just that you happen to be the most convenient target. Difficult people are insecure. They want YOU think and live like THEY think and live. Misery … when difficult people are on the prowl. These are secret silent statements you say to yourself
THE TOMB OF AGAMEMNON, by Cathy Gere, Harvard University Press, 202 pp … and his Greeks had won, ergo the West was superior, and all those difficult people from the East, many of them
Talking About Talking: Part
I was a communication major in college, and I taught communication theory in grad school. I got an MA in media studies and am a journalist by trade … stress. It’s difficult. People have different communication methods and patterns and preferences … about people. I love observing how they talk and listening to them and learning about their stories. I’
Today we look at how to destroy your business in one media interview – have a read of this from today’s Herald : … . “They are very difficult people to deal with. They don’t spend any money. I don’t see that they bring any … the candidate later. “You are almost 100 per cent. But, seriously, we find it difficult
From The Herald : White-haired Mt Albert pharmacist David Baird met his first living, breathing politician yesterday – and gave her an earful … , asked brightly, “Why not?” Mr Baird said he had his reasons. “They are very difficult people … You are almost 100 per cent. But, seriously, we find it difficult, particularly old people. We have Titus

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