Book Recommendation: Strategic Acceleration

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on May 11, 2009


Every once in a while, I post about books that I think are well worth your while. 

Today, I want to tell you about one you don’t want to miss.  My fellow thought leader with CanDoGo, Tony Jeary, has a new book called Strategic Acceleration that delivers a powerfully important message to individuals and businesses seeking to leverage the changes in our economy instead of watching the blur and hoping something good will happen from the sidelines or carrying on as if everything is the same as it always was and ignoring just how little actually remains.   

If you find yourself overwhelmed these days, you are not alone.  The pace of change reminds me of what Buckminster Fuller spoke of in his principle of ‘accelerating acceleration.’   Bucky said that the pace of change is multiplying on itself, and it seems that at some point we hit a speed at which we can no longer discern what is changing.  

The core message of Strategic Acceleration is that economic and social changes created by the speed of life today demand a new way of strategic thinking to support and sustain the creation of superior results. After all, leadership and success is essentially a results contest, and if you don’t get the results you want and need, your vision will not become reality.

Work your way through this book and you’ll have a strategy and plan to gain clarity and focus, and then get great results. You get excellent examples and actual work sheets that have been used by successful organizations to get amazing outcomes.  

Reviews from other bestselling authors say it as well as I can.   

“Strategic Acceleration” will help you cultivate an attitude of willingness, embrace change, clarify your vision and focus, and deliver results….” -Stephen M. R. Covey

 “This book will impact the way you think about results and the way you go about achieving them….”
–Zig Ziglar 

“This book gives you powerful tools and techniques for thinking and action that will enable you to get more done, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.”
–Brian Tracy 

“Success is something I’ve studied for many years. What Tony shares in “Strategic Acceleration” about clarity, focus and execution is extremely valuable for anyone wanting to excel.”
–Darren Hardy, Publisher, SUCCESS Magazine

Get your copy, or check out the audio version.  I think it’s a great addition to people seeking to thrive instead of merely survive.

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