What A Difference Persuasive Communication Could Make pt3

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on March 4, 2013

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Continued from previous 2 posts…

SO I go back to my hotel that night, and I think about this, and I start to wonder:   How many people, good, decent wonderful people, with great ideas, with opportunities galore, somehow miss the moment, make the mistake and don’t know how to recover, miss the needed piece of information, miss the chance to set things right, and wind up perpetuating that which they don’t want, while neglecting to identify and pursue what they do want.

This thought stayed with me for a couple of weeks, and suddenly I’m noticing how common it is for people to be reacting to events rather than shaping events, or shaping them into events to which they then have no choice but to react!

1.  Someone in my town tells me about going to the state capital to lobby a legislator to take action on behalf of a certain interest group, and how it’s like talking to a wall, pointless, yet she keeps doing it because it’s her job.

2.  I get a call from someone who’s been referred to me by one of my clients, and he tells me that all of his employees are incompetent and incapable of the simplest of tasks, and that while his best employees leave, the worst stick around, and he’s finding it hard to keep his business afloat.

3.  A mother tells me that her teenager is getting involved with some really bad people, but that everything she says to protect her child seems to make it worse.

To me, this is all so sad, pointless and unnecessary.  Turning bad to good, turning good to great, it’s really not rocket science.  It’s a matter of direction and skills.  We know what the skills are (observation, resonance, listening to understand, speaking to be understood.)   The skills are easily learnable, and it does make a difference for you to learn them.   Because when bad people have the best skills and good people have the best ideas, bad things happen.  Likewise, and it is now incredibly obvious to me, when good people have the best skills, great things are inevitable.

But you can’t leave change to chance. And that’s why I think persuasive communication matters.  How about you?  Your comments are welcome below!

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