Dealing With Difficult Fanatics – Turmoil In The Middle East

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on September 13, 2012

Very short post this week.  I spend most mornings scanning news of the world for trends and shifts.   This past week was a painful one.  The 9-11 memorial brought back great grief for so many of us.  A diplomat whose only crime was serving our country, was murdered along with three others, by cowardly terrorists.  People are rioting and destroying things because they feel a movie insulted their religion.  And the political sniping from Romney towards Obama in the midst of it added insult to injury.  Meanwhile, the middle east is again in flames, this time in Egypt, Libya and Yemen (yes Syria is still tearing itself apart, and Iran is still rushing towards Armageddon).

We now know that the person who made the movie lied to everyone involved and is not who he said he is.  Indeed, it appears that he went to great lengths to draw negative attention to Israel by claiming to be an Israeli.  Ironically, there is a peaceful Muslim anti-movie demonstration in Israel, so we know it’s possible.

)Now I thought it went without saying, but world events indicate otherwise.  As I watch the rioting in the middle east over a REALLY BADLY DONE movie, I wish I had a bullhorn so I could shout this to the demonstrators:

“Enough!  Stop acting like spoiled children!  The words of others don’t dishonor your beliefs.  Only your behavior can do that.  Free speech includes hateful speech.  And tolerance for it doesn’t mean anyone likes or approves of hate speech.  It means that hateful people can express their hatred without actually acting on it, and so it serves as a release valve.   More to the point, my mother taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right. So just because you are offended by the film doesn’t make killing and destruction somehow ok to right the wrong of it.   Said more simply, if the film is wrong, acting crazy doesn’t make you right. ”

That’s what I’d say.  What would you say?  Add your comments below.  And don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK, because more liking and less hating is good for the world!

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