On Vaccines, Injuries and the Ethics of Mandates

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on January 5, 2016

StethoscopeI was recently asked to succinctly express my opposition to mandating vaccination.  Here you go:

Vaccines may appear to be generally safe (for the vast majority of vaccinated, there is no immediate harm) and effective (if you use correlation as causation, the proximity of vaccines to decreases in infectious diseases in very compelling. Problem is, correlation isn’t causation, and also appearing in close proximity to such decreases is better sanitation and indoor plumbing, which are recognized as primary factors in the reduction of infectious diseases.)

But do you have to be a scientist to make sense of conflicting info on vaccines?  Not really.

It does not take much curiosity to find that a subset of children are most certainly harmed by vaccines, and that families are more often than not on the hook for a lifetime of medical care when that harm takes place to their children. Nor does it take much attention to notice the revolving door between vaccine regulators and the drug industry, or to notice that they are free of liability when vaccine products cause harm to our children.

And if a person is only willing to to do a minimal investigation, it is readily apparent that pHARMa pretty much owns state and federal politicians through their donations, (pHARMa is the top lobbying industry in Congress) and owns our press establishment through their advertising largesse (pHARMa is the top advertiser.) The pHARMa industry, acting to benefit their own bottom line,  has actively and purposefully corrupted medical research, too.  This explains the paucity of solid research on vaccines to justify their exaggerated claims of safety and effectiveness, and the eagerness of this predatory industry to claim to know what they do not know.

And surely someone with only a modest amount of intelligence,if he or she but looks, will readily discern that the drug industry is not humanitarian in its intent.  This is a for profit industry with a fat bottom line driving an agenda that serves its own interests.  And no, pHARMa interests are not equivalent to the national interest.

And here’s where it gets nasty.  Because vaccine mandates, like the one now mandated in California in SB 277 (introduced to the corrupt California assembly by failed pediatrician but successful PHARMATRICIAN Richard Pan, who was the top dollar recipient of drug industry largesse in that particular election cycle), put an ineffectual government and greedy politicians in the position of choosing which kids have to take a risk in order to supposedly protect someone else’s kids.

I have no problem with people choosing to vaccinate their kids. I have a big problem with government pushing industry agendas and coercing families to accept risky procedures in the phony name of ‘the greater good.’  The drug industry hasn’t earned and does not deserve the trust they demand from us. We need leaders to stand up for our freedom to choose medical procedures, and that includes injections. Mandating vaccines is unethical if there is any risk involved, and there is risk. Stop this madness.  If you are pro vaccination, make your case with persuasion.  Show fearful parents the actual science rather than claiming that it exists.  Demand that the drug industry and government regulators respond to parental concerns with quality data, instead of bullying them, dismissing them, or holding them up to ridicule.  Our nation can’t last much longer if these corporate controllers are allowed to dictate our state and national agendas.   Just say no to the Drug Industry!   Refuse to be pHARMed any more!  Their biggest fear is an informed electorate.

Be well


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