Learning the Lessons of (Personal) History/Herstory Part 2

December 7, 2009

Anytime you have an experience, good or bad, in which you know that what you did effected the result, and then you mentally play it again in the same way, you increase the likelihood that the next time you’re in a similar situation, you will do an even better job of having the same reaction and result

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How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season – Life Skills

November 23, 2009

To help you have a healthy as well as happy holiday season, I offer you the following recommendations, along with my best wishes to you and yours for an enjoyable season filled with love and gratitude.

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Time for the High School Reunion – Who am I, What am I doing here?

September 4, 2009

At the reunion, I wonder if I’ll get back a few more pieces of my youth. And I suppose I may wonder, after being around former classmates and friends, if I had a do-over, how I would do things differently.

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Something To Ask, Something To Share – Persuasive Communication and Life Skills

August 27, 2009

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers, but in this case, a particular pleasure. The message is very polite in tone. I do not speak Espanol, but my wife does, and she translated it for me (I’ll share that with you in a moment).

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How To Change The Way You Talk To Yourself

July 17, 2009

You must learn to speak purposefully to yourself to change your attitude for the better. You can develop a few quick-draw mental comments that help you to keep your sense of humor and perspective around difficulties. For example, here are some great things to say to yourself, with brief explanations of how they are true:

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Do You Talk To Yourself? Does It Matter?

July 15, 2009

have you ever stopped to actually listen to that voice inside your head, really hear the way you talk to yourself, the kinds of things you say about yourself and the world around you? Ever listened to the tone and what it sounds like it’s saying? Ever said to yourself, “What a jerk! I can’t believe this is happening to me!” or “I don’t get paid for this kind of abuse!” How do such thoughts affect your attitude and your behavior? Do those thoughts help or hinder you?

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Changing Your Reactions

July 13, 2009

Something I hear about from my coaching clients is that they are unhappy with the way they react to others. And while their first impulse is that they wish the others would change (so they wouldn’t have to!) it doesn’t take them long to come to the idea that they can change their own reactions […]

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How To Regain Your Perspective On Anything

July 8, 2009

People who are generally happy in life have learned to associate with pleasant experiences and memories, and to dissociate from unpleasant ones. People who are generally unhappy in life do the reverse. They identify with bad experiences through the power of association, and refuse to identify with more positive experiences by dissociating from them. I recommend that you dissociate yourself from unpleasant memories and start learning from them.

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