Positive Change

Yes, Yes AND, Yes again! What does “Yes, AND…” accomplish?

February 17, 2015

In a brainstorming session it doesn’t always serve to “yes, and” the first idea suggested as we would in an improv show. We want to build on an idea that will satisfy the need we’re targeting, and this seems to require discriminatory thinking, which seems to be opposite of ‘yes, and.’ How do you reconcile/incorporate this into the improv toolbox we are offering?

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Have a happier 2015 with these 3 suggestions…

December 31, 2014

Second of three suggestions: Childlike nature! A child has an open mind, is curious, is eager to learn, to discover. A child has imagination, finds joy in play, and is unbound by convention and habit. To keep this alive, remember that not knowing has value, that wonder has value, that play for the sake of play has value, and that time will move you along quickly enough without you having to help it along.

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To Dream Of A Better, Not Bitter, World

October 14, 2014

if humanity ever faces it’s future instead of backing into it, I choose to believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish, no problem we can’t solve, and no possibility we can’t move towards achieving. Like Bucky used to say, there is no energy shortage. There’s a shortage of will.

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Are You Beginning 2014 With Intention And Commitment?

January 6, 2014

Change is inevitable, but progress is not. You make the difference. The biggest changes that ever have happened in this world were the result of people like yourself who showed up, stepped up, and took small steps forward towards an outcome they deemed worthy of their energy and time. To master the art of change skills for life, you have to begin somewhere.

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Forever Neotonic – The Value Of Play In Keeping Your Youth

September 9, 2013

I often hear from my improv performance students or workshop participants that they love class because a lot of our exercises and activities give them the ability to be like a kid again. They feel more playful and imaginative. They get silly and giggly. Feeling child-like (and not childish) can be a great benefit of practicing the principals that make improvisation great, and it goes far beyond playing schoolyard games and making up fairy tale stories.

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The Way Out Is Forward. You Need A Direction!

March 25, 2013

The challenge in life, and in communication specifically, is to define a direction for your interaction with someone, and organize yourself around that outcome. You’ve heard the expression, “Begin with the end in mind”? Knowing your desired outcome is a fundamental key to purposeful and productive interpersonal behavior.

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How To Counter A Narcissistic Spouse’s Bad Influence On Your Kids

March 11, 2013

Dear Dr. K, I am married to an abusive narcissist. I have been to counselling for myself and have learned ways to cope, without feeding his disorder. My question now regards how to mitigate the damage that has inadvertently been done to my teen son.

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What A Difference Persuasive Communication Could Make pt3

March 4, 2013

Turning bad to good, turning good to great, it’s really not rocket science. It’s a matter of direction and skills. We know what the skills are. The skills are easily learnable, and it does make a difference to learn them. When bad people have the best skills and good people have the best ideas, bad things happen. It is now incredibly obvious to me that when good people have the best skills, great things are inevitable. But you can’t leave change to chance.

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