What I’m Going To Say to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

August 19, 2011

What all this says to me is that WE DID IT! We changed the world. We changed the way healthcare is delivered. (insert FIREWORKS! JOYFUL SCREAMING CROWDS! and CHEERS!) Only problem is, we got almost no credit for it at all.

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Can You Help Me Get The Word Out About My New Book?

August 17, 2011

Today, I’m writing to ask a favor of you. Please help spread the word about my newest book, ‘How To Click With People: The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life.’ And thank you in advance!

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Dr. K on Wayne Hurlbert’s Blogtalkradio show

August 1, 2011

Dr. Rick Kirschner, author of the new Hyperion Book ‘How To Click With People: The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life,’ was a guest on Wayne Hurlburt’s blogtalkradio show. Here are the links.

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Dave Dickson Interviews Dr. K on CFAX Radio

July 8, 2011

Listen to an interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner on CFAX radio with Dave Dickson. They talk about Dr. Kirschner’s new book, ‘How To Click With People: The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life.’

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What Was Obama Thinking? How Not To Click With Reporters

April 20, 2011

Perhaps you’ve seen this story making the rounds. President Barack Obama was interviewed by a local reporter in Texas, and at the end of the interview, Obama scolded the reporter for interrupting. As I watched the interview, I kept asking myself, “What is Obama thinking? How can he justify missing any opportunity to make a compelling case for his Presidency or his policies?”

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BAM Radio Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner now available

July 11, 2010

Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner about Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is now available on BAM Radio with Holly Alissa Bruno, and on iTunes. The target audience for the show is educators and educational administrators. but the information will be useful for anyone.

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Technology News About Apple and Microsoft Offer Lesson In Contrast

March 4, 2010

ontrast can be used as a signal of persuasion. It allows us to consider one thing in the light of another. And in today’s technology news, I noticed two stories that offer a perfect lesson in contrast. First up, John Breeden, who writes for GCN

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Dr. K Quoted Extensively in ‘Season’s Screamings’ Article

December 19, 2009

Bestselling author and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner is quoted extensively in the latest article by columnist Joanne Richard. The article appeared across Canadian newspapers and offers help for dealing with relatives at holiday time.

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