Letter to the Editor of the Medford Mail Tribune, GMO Truth

May 6, 2014

If you’re going to refer to science, you might want to consider it first. Science is not cherry picked studies paid for by the biotech industry, it is a method for separating fact from fantasy. Your ‘editorial’ treats conflicting data like it doesn’t even exist, when it does and is not difficult to find! This data raises serious concerns about GMO impacts on human health, animal health and agriculture itself. It seems to me that the biotech industry has been conducting an open air experiment for decades, without proper controls, without our consent, and because they are unlabeled, without accountability. Turning us into guinea pigs doesn’t make it good science.

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Halloween, America’s Future, and Yes, I’m a little scared. You?

October 31, 2011

Perhaps this is the time Buckminster Fuller predicted, the ‘end of the womb of acceptable ignorance,’ the pass/fail test given to the human race to determine if the human experiment has a future (based on innovation, creativity and service) or if we are determined to destroy our future (through our willful ignorance, determined arrogance, and embrace of stupidity).

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