To Dream Of A Better, Not Bitter, World

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on October 14, 2014


I recently posted a Buckminster Fuller quote on my Facebook that drew an interesting response.   Readers of this blog know that I’m a fan of Bucky Fuller’s work, as he was a powerful visionary with a scientific and analytical approach to problem solving.  The quote:

“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known.  It no longer has to be you or me.  Selfishness is unnecessary.  War is obsolete.  It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to lovingly.”  

The response was this:  “The Liberal dream ignores human nature or rage, greed, aggression and self preservation.  Humans will always seek an advantage.”

I just had to respond, particularly to the first phrase.  Here’s what I wrote:

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Becoming a Professional Presenter

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on September 21, 2014

A 9 Step Cheatsheet for Becoming a Public Speaking Expert

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I saw an image today, a picture of an Israeli kid and an arab kid walking side by side, as if lost in a deep connection and conversation, and I thought I might muse out loud about it here on my blog.    The caption is “Coexist, or we won’t exist anymore.”

Coexist Coexist

Is that possible?  I don’t know.  I can’t see how the world works out. I don’t know why it will, or when. I see the same evidence that you see, most of which points to or predicts the opposite.  I’m not going to explain the current condition away.  I will not commit to the idea that it’s all divinely ordained, nor profess that it’s going to work out exactly as it should. Beyond ‘it is what it is,’ I can say nothing of the truth as to how this all turns out.

But somehow, someway, I keep coming back to this idea that we (individuals, communities of interest and shared interests, towns, states, nations, sworn enemies, we…) can be better than we’ve been, do better than we’ve done, and have better than we’ve had. And I have this idea that if I just stay focused on that and keep working for that, working on that, working with that, I’ll derive the most health and happiness, and be of the most value to my family, friends and the world around me all at once.

I do not see the upside of investing my emotional health in the idea that the arrogance, selfishness and stupidity of the few will determine the fate of the many.  I do not see the upside in trying to decide who ‘the stupid few’ are, either.  I choose to trust that the impact of what we can’t see must be equal to or greater than the impact of what we can see, since there is so much more that we can’t see than what we can. And even if we only look at what we can see, with rare exception, there are good people all around us trying their best to live good lives and make the most out of their circumstances.

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Drug Addled Kids, Guns and School Shootings

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on June 10, 2014

StethoscopeThis morning, I read about another teen shooter at a school in my state.  My immediate reaction was “Drug addled kids with guns, what a combination!”   A friend on FB noticed this and asked “Where’d you find that info?”

I’m in the middle of work on a huge project, for a speech I’m giving this summer (about the history of medicine and the creation in the US of a medical monopoly in the 20th century that marginalized patient health and natural approaches, made criminals out of natural health practitioners in order to reduce competition and raise fees, turned med schools into pharma research facilities, turned doctors into bedside engineers trained only in pharmaceutical and surgical interventions) thus creating a perfect money machine for a few at the expense of the many, and leading to healthcare costs that are now completely out of control and a doctor shortage that just keeps getting worse.  I don’t want to get too far off track as there is much left to do before this particular presentation is done.  

So I will just say this: Natural medicine is not for everyone, and conventional medicine saves a lot of lives.    I believe there is a time and a place for almost everything. And I don’t question that the kids that do these shootings have mental health issues. 

But I seriously question the evaluations and treatments that they receive in the days, weeks and months leading up to these events. It is now widely known and acknowledged that mood altering drugs do produce suicidal thoughts and murderous impulses in some people. Even the drug companies that make these ‘medicines’ don’t understand the connection (there are theories). And I don’t get how the solution to mental health problems in children is giving them heavy duty psychoactive drugs, at least not as a first line of defense. It’s not like someone they’re treating a prozac deficiency, right? 

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Dr. K’s Social Stream

May 14, 2014

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Letter to the Editor of the Medford Mail Tribune, GMO Truth

May 6, 2014

If you’re going to refer to science, you might want to consider it first. Science is not cherry picked studies paid for by the biotech industry, it is a method for separating fact from fantasy. Your ‘editorial’ treats conflicting data like it doesn’t even exist, when it does and is not difficult to find! This data raises serious concerns about GMO impacts on human health, animal health and agriculture itself. It seems to me that the biotech industry has been conducting an open air experiment for decades, without proper controls, without our consent, and because they are unlabeled, without accountability. Turning us into guinea pigs doesn’t make it good science.

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Why Net Neutrality Matters

May 4, 2014

Without a neutral net, you’ll see the same kind of balkanization that afflicts every other human endeavor. Someone like me, just starting out, will find it very difficult to be seen or heard over the favored and privileged businesses that can afford to pay the piper. This will be a huge loss for almost everyone, and sadly only in hindsight will you realize what you gave up by not supporting net neutrality.

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Science doesn’t take sides. Science pursues the truth. The GMO experiment must be contained.

April 28, 2014

The bio tech industry claims that science is on their side.  The conventional medical system makes the same claim.    Is it true?  I say no.   So it’s time to talk about science, about what it is, and what it is not. Science is NOT on anybody’s side. It’s been over a hundred years now since big […]

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