Drug Addled Kids, Guns and School Shootings

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on June 10, 2014

StethoscopeThis morning, I read about another teen shooter at a school in my state.  My immediate reaction was “Drug addled kids with guns, what a combination!”   A friend on FB noticed this and asked “Where’d you find that info?”

I’m in the middle of work on a huge project, for a speech I’m giving this summer (about the history of medicine and the creation in the US of a medical monopoly in the 20th century that marginalized patient health and natural approaches, made criminals out of natural health practitioners in order to reduce competition and raise fees, turned med schools into pharma research facilities, turned doctors into bedside engineers trained only in pharmaceutical and surgical interventions) thus creating a perfect money machine for a few at the expense of the many, and leading to healthcare costs that are now completely out of control and a doctor shortage that just keeps getting worse.  I don’t want to get too far off track as there is much left to do before this particular presentation is done.  

So I will just say this: Natural medicine is not for everyone, and conventional medicine saves a lot of lives.    I believe there is a time and a place for almost everything. And I don’t question that the kids that do these shootings have mental health issues. 

But I seriously question the evaluations and treatments that they receive in the days, weeks and months leading up to these events. It is now widely known and acknowledged that mood altering drugs do produce suicidal thoughts and murderous impulses in some people. Even the drug companies that make these ‘medicines’ don’t understand the connection (there are theories). And I don’t get how the solution to mental health problems in children is giving them heavy duty psychoactive drugs, at least not as a first line of defense. It’s not like someone they’re treating a prozac deficiency, right? 

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Dr. K’s Social Stream

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on May 14, 2014


Our StudioA week ago Sunday, the Medford Mail Tribune (Oregon) printed an editorial in which they claimed that the science is in on GMOs.  Representing the bearded ones (editorial board) of the Tribune, they encouraged readers to vote against a local initiative that protects family farmers from contamination and catastrophic crop loss.  That happened. Remember when China refused a shipment of GMO contaminated wheat some months ago?  That cost many Oregon farmers the season.   With the help and encouragement ofmy wife, here is a letter I wrote in response.  It was printed on Sunday, May 10, right under the cartoon on the editorial page.  They say the pen is mightier thank the sword and all that…Let’s see if we can overcome the out of state money flooding into this campaign by companies so ashamed of their products that they don’t want us to know about them.


Dear Mail Tribune,

What rankles me about your Sunday editorial  (Believe Science, Not Ideology, in GMO debate ) is the deceptive headline, followed by industry talking points stated as enlightened truth.

Search the internet and you will find each point made, often verbatim, in industry propaganda!   An editorial should be an informed view that actually considers the issue before drawing a conclusion. Yours was an advertisement meant to influence rather than inform low information voters on a critical issue.

If you’re going to refer to science, you might want to consider it first.  Science is not cherry picked studies paid for by the biotech industry, it is a method for separating fact from fantasy.  Your ‘editorial’ treats conflicting data like it doesn’t even exist, when it does and is not difficult to find!  This data raises serious concerns about GMO impacts on human health, animal health and agriculture itself.  It seems to me that the biotech industry has been conducting an open air experiment for decades, without proper controls, without our consent, and because they are unlabeled, without accountability.  Turning us into guinea pigs doesn’t make it good science.

What you published breaks trust with your readers. I’m voting YES on 15-119.

That’s what I wrote.  Your comments are welcome below.
Be well,


Why Net Neutrality Matters

by Dr. Rick Kirschner on May 4, 2014

MBP AND IPADToday, one of my online friends responded to an article I linked to about the soon to be lost net neutrality.  Here’s how I responded when she said this:

To me, Net Neutrality is similar to insisting that EVERYONE gets a trophy.

Gosh, that’s a surprise.  I don’t get it.   I do get that net neutrality is a complicated issue, for sure.   But net neutrality has nothing to do with giving booby prizes (trophies) to all the losers so they don’t feel bad about the winners.

Instead it’s about keeping a level playing field so this engine of connection and commerce can continue to grow, instead of allowing high speed lanes for favored customers and moneyed clients, while everyone else has to take the crowded main road. The consequence of an open internet: The amazing planetary link to all of humanity that we now have, where information can flow freely, people can collaborate and share openly, and the same resources are available to every business and group, regardless of size or money. In the neutral net, people who have more money can spend it already. People who have more resources can still use them. And there will still be losers and winners, so competition isn’t lost. It’s just that we’re all sharing the same information highway.

The open internet allowed me to build and grow my business and to compete with much larger enterprises successfully, which means I could work smarter, serve more people, and develop my reputation and reach while controlling my costs. It’s an enhancement to the free enterprise system, just like roads and railroad tracks.

Without a neutral net, you’ll see the same kind of balkanization that afflicts every other human endeavor. Someone like me, just starting out, will find it very difficult to be seen or heard over the favored and privileged businesses that can afford to pay the piper.

This will be a huge loss for almost everyone, and sadly only in hindsight will you realize what you gave up by not supporting net neutrality. And you know who wants most to end the neutral net? Dictators around the world hate the open internet, as it allows people to get uppity, to challenge authority, to find out they aren’t alone. Monopolists hate it too, because it allows people to route around the damage they might otherwise cause. Folks who want to control what we say and do and think would love to put an end to the neutral net. And of course the big businesses who think they should have the right to throw their weight around no matter who gets crushed. That’s company I sure don’t want to keep.

This conversation is likely an exercise in futility, however. If the powers that be should choose to screw up the net to benefit some at the expense of the many, there’s not much we can do to stop them, at least in the short term.

That’s what I wrote.  But I didn’t post it on Facebook.  Instead, I posted it here on my blog.   It’s like keeping my thoughts to myself, and only sharing them with people like you who are interested enough to read my blog.  For which I thank you.  Comments are welcome!

Be well,



Science doesn’t take sides. Science pursues the truth. The GMO experiment must be contained.

April 28, 2014

The bio tech industry claims that science is on their side.  The conventional medical system makes the same claim.    Is it true?  I say no.   So it’s time to talk about science, about what it is, and what it is not. Science is NOT on anybody’s side. It’s been over a hundred years now since big […]

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Natural Medicine or Crisis Medicine – Which Is Better Primary Care?

April 20, 2014

In the history of medicine, there never has been and likely never will be a more prudent approach to healthcare, the one likely to do the most good for the most people at the least cost, then the natural medicine approach long championed by naturopathic physicians. Today, our primary care system, fails to attend to this […]

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Good Ideas Don’t Always Win, But Please Keep Having Them

March 13, 2014

I figure that if the universe knows what it’s doing, and there’s not yet wind in the sails, I should be patient, for clearly the time is not yet ripe. There’s other work to do, other experiences to have. I’ll keep having ideas, too, and keep looking for opportunities to do something with them. I’ll be right here, ready and waiting when opportunity arrives.

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Are You Beginning 2014 With Intention And Commitment?

January 6, 2014

Change is inevitable, but progress is not. You make the difference. The biggest changes that ever have happened in this world were the result of people like yourself who showed up, stepped up, and took small steps forward towards an outcome they deemed worthy of their energy and time. To master the art of change skills for life, you have to begin somewhere.

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