Dealing With The Most Dangerous And Difficult People At Work

June 3, 2013

Emotional vampires strengths and weaknesses are driven by a single insatiable need. Their careers and the people they work with are merely the source for gratifying that need. Unlike normal people, they have little or no empathy. To keep from being drained, you must recognize people with personality disorders and understand them well enough to step into their world and step out of the pattern they expect. Here are the ones most likely to cause you trouble:

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How To Counter A Narcissistic Spouse’s Bad Influence On Your Kids

March 11, 2013

Dear Dr. K, I am married to an abusive narcissist. I have been to counselling for myself and have learned ways to cope, without feeding his disorder. My question now regards how to mitigate the damage that has inadvertently been done to my teen son.

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There’s A Dangerous Narcissism In The World

April 13, 2011

Our future may very well depend on growing up out of such childish self-centered behavior and taking the larger context into account. Otherwise, we are heading down a dangerous road.

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How To Spot a Narcissist

April 6, 2011

our culture seems to have made a decision that promoting the self promoters over everyone else’s interests is somehow in our interest. Which isn’t true, unless our interest is solely in spectacle and distraction (which, according to one view of history, is evidence of having arrived at the end times for a great nation. See Rome. Greece. Persia. Egypt.)

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The Self Absorbed Narcissist

April 4, 2011

The narcissists try to draw you in to their patterns of seeming self-love. They prey on your weaknesses to keep you involved, in order to satisfy their need to feel special and important. Threaten their sense of entitlement, and they may fly into a rage or break down into uncontrollable tears, thus starting up the cycle all over again. That’s no way, by the way, to click with people.

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